Compatible C8842A Black Ink Cartridge for HP Printers


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Part No: C8842A

Average yield: 220 pages

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Fits HP: Addressing Machine Cartridge, Rena DA 612 S, AstroJet 3600 Series, AstroJet 500 P, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 630 E, Stielow 5952 Series, Stielow Portosprinter 35, Pitney Bowes DA 750, Pitney Bowes DA 70 S, Pitney Bowes DA 700, Pitney Bowes W 660, Stielow 5980, Stielow 5953 S, AstroJet 2600 P, Pitney Bowes W 661, Rena PS 2000, Pitney Bowes DA 400, AstroJet 2600 Series, AstroJet 3600, Rena Envelope Imager III, Stielow IJ 35, AstroJet 1000 Series, Rena DJP, AstroJet 3600 P, Stielow 5953 LC, Stielow 5954, Rena PS 1000, Stielow IJ 65, AstroJet Imaging System II, Rena XPS 80, Imagistics W 880, Imagistics DA 950, Imagistics DA 700, Hasler IJ 65, Pitney Bowes W 880, Rena DA 612, Imagistics W 77 R, Stielow 5953 Series, AstroJet 2800 Series, Pitney Bowes W 990 Series, Imagistics DA 900, Imagistics W 661, Rena DA 595, Pitney Bowes DA 550, Pitney Bowes DA 500, Stielow 5955 V, Rena XPS 90, Stielow Portostar, Rena DA 613, Imagistics W 891, Pitney Bowes W 991, Pitney Bowes DA 950, Imagistics W 700, Pitney Bowes W 800, AstroJet 2800, Imagistics W 770, Imagistics W 890, Pitney Bowes DA 95 F, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 610 E, Imagistics W 660 Series, AstroJet 1000 P, HP Thermal InkJet 2.5, Stielow 5955 Series, Pitney Bowes DA 50 S, Stielow 5952, Hasler IJ 75, Imagistics DA 400, Pitney Bowes W 801, Stielow 5982, Stielow IJ 75, AstroJet IB 9000, Pitney Bowes DA 80 F, Rena XPS 2000, Imagistics W 600, Imagistics W 790, Stielow 5953 F, Rena Envelope Imager I, Pitney Bowes W 700, Stielow 5992, Pitney Bowes W 990, Pitney Bowes W 800 Series, Pitney Bowes DA 75 S, Stielow 5954 S, AstroJet 1000, Pitney Bowes W 680, Imagistics W 800, Pitney Bowes W 770, Imagistics W 990, Stielow Portosprinter, Pitney Bowes W 790, Rena DA 620, AstroJet 300 P, Pitney Bowes W 890, Stielow 5952 S, Stielow 5952 F, Pitney Bowes DA 900, AstroJet 2800 P, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 620 E, Rena Envelope Imager II, Stielow 5955 S, HP Addmaster IJ 1000, AstroJet 2650 P, Rena DA 608, Stielow Portosprinter 45, Stielow 5953 L, Stielow IJ 85, Stielow 5955, Stielow 5988, Imagistics W 660, Pitney Bowes DA 55 S, Rena DA 615, Imagistics W 65 R, Stielow IJ 45, AstroJet 3800, Stielow 5986, Pitney Bowes W 660 Series,

This quality HP compatible C8842A is suitable for most home and office situations.

This Budget HP C8842A will give you fantastic savings and excellent print quality. Small offices, SME, corporate organisations, students or home workers.. printing is essential for your daily activities.

With our budget HP compatible cartridges, you can replace your printer consumables far cheaper than with the HP original product. For a cost effective solution, look no further than our HP compatible C8842A ink cartridge. The HP C8842A compatible ink cartridge will ensure you make significant savings. Enjoy great deals and massive discounts when you purchase this C8842A in bulk.

100% compatibility ensures that your HP printer, when using this C8842A, will produce perfect results every time. Ensure high quality prints every time by using this HP compatible C8842A ink cartridge. Memos, presentations, letters, graphics and spreadsheets all print with accuracy and consistency.
Data sheet
OEM Brand HP
Colour Black
Yield 220
Product Type Ink Cartridge
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Our budget cartridges represent great value for money. They are compatible cartridges suitable for everyday printing.
Our choice range are typically UK remanufactured or premium quality compatibles. Suitable for high quality printing.
Genuine cartridges are straight from the manufacturer and are best for those situations where you require the ultimate quality.